Why Us

We encourage you to start investing early and be systematic
Afterall discipline pays who follows it...

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No Fee *

We get our commission from Mutual Fund companies. We don't charge you anything.

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Hassle Free & Secure

Invest online from anywhere,anytime. We employ bank grade security.

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Strategic Fund Selection

Funds are selected based on past and future indicators.

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Always Online

Purchase, Redeem, SIP, Switch online. Check your portfolio on the go.

What We Do

Financial planning 3918140c7cb43e864ac68f89bbc9bd80f14a9aaa2a8d76da4719084af53664ac

Financial Planning

We enable you to plan your Finances better

Investment planning b7a1173e6bee17ec9dafe36c6232be5a025c0bb7d56f0945988936a5a582b91c

Investment Planning

We prepare customized portfolio for you.

Tax planning 1bf6f50e8c246fcecbc34f9e905121030bdc6f67476c723e42e35247180fd175

Tax Planning

We facilitate investments in Tax Saving funds.

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Invest Online

Now you can Purchase, Redeem, SIP and Switch mutual funds online.

Insurance 8db9049efc45a9847456b9b8e5b91b9891878a6174f1c38c2cd092aa1248b788


We help you choose insurance according to your risk requirements.

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NRI Corner

We help NRIs invest online in mutual funds.

How It Works

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Fill in your required details to register.

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Know your risk apetite & set your goals.

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A model portfolio will be generated based on your risk profile & your goals.

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Simply login to start investing.

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Regular monitoring of your portfolio performance.

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Review & corrective measures.

Featured In

We have been showing up in leading newspapers and magazines for quite some time.

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What Our Happy Clients Say About Us

We have a strong client base which is a testimonial of our commitmnet towards serving you in the best possible way.

Invest at ease have been patient…Even when we took ages to sign forms etc!...and never pushy with their products. We are looking forward to their help and support as we continue on our financial journey.

Team member 3 62641140b0f0f477bc315e9ac605d131f8e7e93fea243638d9b7083d5db14d7a
Dr. B.L.Rathi 65 Paedetrician

I am absolutely delighted with your service. It is really refreshing to work with a financial adviser who is truly interested in their client’s needs, circumstances and preferences

Team member 3 62641140b0f0f477bc315e9ac605d131f8e7e93fea243638d9b7083d5db14d7a
A Sinha 42, Management Professor

I feel more secure. I feel like someone is looking out for my welfare. Invest at ease worked out a plan that accounts for my age, expectations, and goals. It’s been right on track...

Team member 3 62641140b0f0f477bc315e9ac605d131f8e7e93fea243638d9b7083d5db14d7a
Mr.V Shukla 38, Finance Professional

Impact of delay in investing

Delay of 5 years in planning for retirement can leave short your retirement kitty by 57%

Age of Starting Savings 55 50 45 40 35 30 25
Amount invested 6 lacs 12 lacs 18 lacs 24 lacs 30 lacs 36 lacs 42 lacs
Retirement Corpus 8.61 lacs 28.47 lacs 74.25 lacs 1 crore 80 lacs 5 crores 11 crores 62 lacs 27 crores
* Retirement age is considered 60 years.
* SIP of Rs 10000/- p.m
* Returns taken are of Sensex for last 35 years.

Interesting Posts

We regularly post some amazing stuff on our blog. Stay tuned!

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Home Loan and SIP

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Fd vs mf 02136a7ea1c3fc05a4b1df783aa8da33cf46dea22fb156ee47dc623ff63bc0f8

Fixed deposits Vs Debt Mutual Funds

Debt Mutual Funds are one of the best alternatives of fixed deposits.

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Fixed deposit myth.

Have you ever thought that you might be losing your hard money by locking it in fixed deposits?

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What is a Systematic Investment Plan?

Start saving early with discipline and retire wealthy.

Found a reason to invest with us? Lets's start!