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Few important details are required before you start investing :

  • Your Name, DOB , PAN number (for checking your MF KYC status), and likes.
  • Preferred mode and time of contact.

Financial Planning

We will get in touch with you to:

  • Understand your finacial requirements.
  • Do a detailed Risk Profiling.
  • Lay out a Financial Plan for you.
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Model Portfolio

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We will prepare a model portfolio for you based on your goals:

  • Which financial instrument should you invest into.
  • How to divesify your investment to mitigate risk
  • How to cover your health and life.
  • How to cover your family's health and life.
  • How long to stay invested to meet your goals.

Login to Invest

Investing in mutual funds is very easy:

  • Login to you account with your email and password
  • Choose the type of transaction: Buy, Redeem, Switch
  • Choose the fund and scheme from your model portfolio
  • Key in the amount to be invested
  • Select the bank and account.
  • Submit and relax.
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We will monitor your investment regularly:

  • We monitor events around the globe, which impact investments.
  • We understand Macro and Micro of economy.
  • We regularly Interacts with Market Voices which matter for inputs.
  • With online portfolio, you can also monitor the status of your investment anytime.


We review your investment periodically and suggest corrective measures if needed:

  • We will contact you to discuss review plan with you.
  • We will provide you inputs on markets for you to take informed decision.
  • This allows you reallocate resources and take course correction if Required.
  • We will take your Inputs for changed requirements on a periodic basis i.e every 6 months.
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